PitchFest Card Game

Berdandy Studios
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PitchFest is a card-driven improv party game about pitching ridiculous ideas. It's going to be a wonderful idea... until the investors get their money-filled hands on it.

Play PitchFest: Videogame Edition to create a videogame together, or PitchFest: Film Edition to build a movie. Or combine both editions for maximum hilarity!

** Coming Soon! METATOPIA Edition -- rpgs, board games, card games, larp games -- all editions may be mixed and matched **

2-10 Players, 15-30 minutes per game

* Rules are included as a PDF download
* Collector's Edition includes printed rules and a glossy playmat for laying out the pitch

Watch an example of play

PitchFest was played on the Nerdy Northerner's show The Board Gamers. Note that this channel is an 18+ channel, but PitchFest does not necessarily provide 18+ content. That is entirely up to the interpretations of the players themselves.

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  • Players
  • Playtime
    15-30 minutes
  • Players2-10
  • Playtime15-30 minutes
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PitchFest Card Game

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